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       Konnichiwa Otakus! Welcome to the Official AFU Guild Website. Being a member of Anime Fans United means that we all take on certain responsibilities to helo eack other out and make the guild even better. It's a place where everyone can come to enjoy their favorite anime music, sites, pics, etc.  Make sure you visit the other pages of the website too. They're worth checking out. Just click any of the links on the side bar. If you have any ideas, suggestion, requests, etc. you can e-mail them to us at: animefansunited@hotmail.com.


       The main reason I started this guild was because I fell in love with anime after watching the series, Escaflowne a.k.a. Vision Of Escaflowne. When I first made the guild I had no members and the colors were pretty ugly. But since then, I was motivated to make the guild into the best it could possibly be. With a new look and a great new webpage, I'm proud to say that I own the A.F.U. Guild. I hope you will join if you haven't already.


       If you have anything you'd like for me to add to the site, be sure to e-mail the guild at the website above. Feel free to neomail me at anytime if you have a question or just something to say. We appreciate your feedback. The website is updated every week or so,  so be sure to come back soon.






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