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Anime Inn

            The best source for all of your anime needs, galleries of all sorts, hundreds of images, news.


Anime Next

            Anime newspaper for all otakus. Provides all popular animes with hundreds of different features.


Amber Anime Archive

Vast collection of anime images organized by series. Note that the main page has many inlined images.

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Anime Argentina Pics Videos & Mp3 Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, Robotech, B t X, Evangelion and more!!

Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, Robotech, B t X, Evangelion and more!!

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Anime Fans!

This site is built up upon your works. You are able to submit your fanart/fanfic and other stuff whether its in an anime or a manga or even your own stuuf. AF! is happy to maintain your image/text/other files in this site and let everyone else admire you! There is absolutely no limitaion in your work (in file size or image size) just no illegal stuff that might ruin the fun for everyone else. Click the link see other's work and submit yours!

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catscan - the anime image grab-bag!

a gallery of freshly scanned anime, manga, and video game images. updated weekly!

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Coldstorage!Anime Meatlocker

See your favorite anime images! DBZ! FF7! Darkstalkers! Rivalschools! Darth Maul! South Park! Xenogears! Makaitenshoh! Midis and links!

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Dragonmaster s Anime Section

anime fan page with MP3+MIDI+GALERYs of famous anime series/movies like : NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, GUNBUSTER, DNA2, BUBBLEGUM CRISIS etc etc...

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Dragonmaster/Nitro_Boost s Construction Site

This page is really cool. I found it on the web and the anime section id always changing. You can find different anime series presented each month and a galery of one anime character. It s gong to become a great site, i am sure.

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The Constuction Site : Anime

Anime -Galerys -Music -Video Neon Genesis Evangelion Bubble Gum Crisis Dna2 and more... Version 2 hosted by Dragonmaster.

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Cyber-D's Manganificent Art Gallery

Discover the beauty of Japanimation!

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Pictures, links, sound, Windows 95 animated logos, animation, multimedia, original files, + more!

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Outer Senshi Manga Outer Senshi manga pics!

Gorgeous pics of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto! its a one of a kind gallery

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Nephlite's Anime/Cartoon Web Page

Just my own little Anime page. I have Robotech, Dragon Ball Z, and Sailor Moon stuff posted. I'll get more up soon.

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Phoenix's Anime Web

This is the place! All out kick-butt Anime can be found here, this pure lov'n all out Anime for the Anime Fan.

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Download Area

An archive with lots of anime wallpapers for w95, w98 and wNT. Guess that kinda says it all ^_^

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Krystal-Faith's Anime Page

Free images of serveral japanese anime cartoons, along with other free graphics for webtv users.

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Gallery of Anime Characters

Image gallery of the beautifully-rendered characters in anime.

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Galactica7's Image Archive

This page has images of the Inner and Outer Scouts and I'm beginning to get images of the other Sailor Moon characters too.

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Moon Manga Image Garden

Sailormoon (well, duh) manga images! Scans from the artbooks, sometimes heavily edited, all elegant and kawaii. Thumbnailed by character.

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Jenny's Ranma Image Gallery

Images of Akane, Ranma-Kun, Ranma-Chan, Akane and Ranma, and Shampoo

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Rinoa's Insane Temple to Clamp

This is a gallery dedicated to my favorite Clamp manga. Includes X, TB, Clover, Card Captor Sakura, and Wish

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DJ's Anime~Plus Gallery and Stuff

Anime, Movie, and Comic Book image gallery. Interactive and fun. All pictures on this site...you will only see here. New pics were taken personally by me!! the webmaster.

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The Caet's Lair images images images!

mostly image galleries. dbz, clamp, fushigi yuugi, tenchi, ghost in the shell....

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Dangerous Encounter

Yyh manga scan ,mostly b & w.Right now we just have Kuramas Images and that will soon change.:)We also have an adoption center!!Check it out.

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Neun Stern

This is a site about "Blade of the immortal" (Mugen no yjunin). It contains general information and smaple pictures. Winampskins are offered too.(bi-weekly updates)

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My Anime Pictures and Stuff

just a page with anime stuff! Poll and Guestbook to sign!

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Anime Desktop Themes Otaku World's collection of Anime Desktop Themes for Win95

Our new gallery of Anime Desktop Themes for Windows 95 and Microsoft Plus!

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electronic memory

this site was designed with the intent of keeping it up-to-date and new. galleries and pictures will be added on a regular basis. a new anime archive for the future.

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Deedlit 51

grande gallerie d'images de LODOSS WAR

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Magic Knight Rayearth Image Archive

The largest Rayearth image archive on the net! Contains anime artwork, manga artwork, cels, game screenshots, doujinshi covers, animated gifs, video files and more.

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The Ukyou Kuonji Shrine Shrine to Ranma 1/2's Ukyou Kuonji

A shrine for Ukyou Kuonji; Ranma's kawaii fiancee from Ranma 1/2.

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Amberw's Home

a relatively new little page... with lots of original art, a few fan arts and lots and lots of mud-related art from the online game I play in. The players request I draw them and I do... just starting out so help me a little? :)

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Hyper Arts Studios

An awesome site with A LOT of quality drawings, and fun games all for free!

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Sergey Anime Page its a link....dah!

Page with "Record of Lodoss War" , "Ninja Scroll", and "Ghost in the Shell" image archives. Some links

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Usagi-chan's Anime Page

Images from a variety of popular anime series.

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PerthWorks: Original Anime Art

Original Anime Art & Adopt-An-Yknit. Theses sites are where I've placed some of my art for others to see and share their opinions. Please enjoy. Oh and if there are any spelling mistakes, please forgive, I never claimed to be able to do that...

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Generation Anime

Great Anime Gallery

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Kitty's Anime Palace

Galleries on Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, Ranma 1/2, Magic Knights Rayearth, and Slayers. Also, apply to win an award.

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The Sailor Moon Fan-Request Picture Gallery

The only site of its kind on the web! The maintainer of the page has a personal collection of over seven thousand Sailor Moon images, and posts 21 new images every week in response to requests. If there's a picture you're looking for, this is the place to go!

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Goriya's Domain Anime&Manga pages Image Galleries, dictionary, history, bookstore.

Goriys'as Domain features two rotating image galleries (Ani-Manga/Korean Manwha), a bookstore, brief anime history, and an animanga dictionary, as well as a few reliable links.

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The Ah! My Goddess Gallery Page

Very big page with very much pics (hi-res, deep color!).

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The Bubblegum Crisis Gallery Page

This is a nice page for people looking for some original scans of Bubblegum Crisis pics.

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Vampire Miyu Image Archive

Pictures from the anime, manga, film collection, CDs, Comic Novel and more.

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Realm of Destiny

This site includes a Fushigi Yuugi and Sailor Moon Image Gallery.

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The Armor Girls Home Page

Dedicated to Armor Girls. Contains information regarding the mecha parody that's almost two decades old, and its decendants

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The Ultimate Asuka Picture Archive

Tons of Asuka pictures here!!

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Evangelion the Gallery's

This is a gallery for the searies Evangelion. It has just about everyone in it. more added weekly

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Ghost in the Shell, Akira, and more to come.

This site should be updated about once a week with new anime movies,OAV's, and images for them.

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Dragon ball & Conan pics Very nice pictures!!

Here you can find nice pictures of Dragon ball& Conan

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Cybercat's Subspace: Maison Ikkoku Image Gallery Complete Image Gallery for Maison Ikkoku

I've taken all the avaliable graphics and organized it to be accessible by MI fans.

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Cybercat Subspace: Magic Knight Rayearth Image Gallery

The long awaited image gallery for this terrific series is finally finished. I'll be adding more images in a couple of weeks so stay tuned!

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sk8o's humble anime gallery come in..... and enjoy!

this gallery is updated in the middle of each month, other exhibits change when i feel like changing them. visit often

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Phulaeo's Sketchbook

This is my... well, sketchbook. Some of my better drawings are here, as well as some of my worse ones... the page also contains many old stories I've written.

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Tinyrex's Gallery

It contains some original computer graphics and sketches...^o^ Some paintings are UroriKenshin too.

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Anime Backgrounds Center Great Anime Backgrounds for Windows

Come and visit.

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Maison Ikkoku Image Album Download Maison Ikkoku Images

A short cut to download some of my favourite Maison Ikkoku Images.

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Slam Dunk Doujinshi Cover and illustration scan of my SD doujinshi collection.(parody manga) More to Come! Every SD female fans should check this out!!!

I don't know if this should be in the "gallery" section. Since it has lots of pictures (cover scan), I guess it should! Nothing hentai in this page (a little bit yaoi stuff though^_^). This page is for all SD female fans and yaoi doujinshi fans!(especially you're a Micchy, Rukawa and Sendoh fans!) More pix and scan to come! Always come back to check!

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Oniisan's Anime Backgrounds Madness

This site was formely Oniisan's Anime Central. Lotsa anime wallpaper if your looking. Also has links and music sections too!!!

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Manzo's Drawing Board

For those who loves to draw and for those who loves anime. Here is a place for you to seek the beauty and the joy of drawing.

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Freday's Anime/Manga Pictures Gallery Yu Yu Hakuso, Slam Dunk, Ruroni Kenshin, and many Shoujo manga (Yuki Kaoru, Shimuzu Reiko, etc.) More pix to come!

I don't think there are enough Shoujo manga pictures sites (besides Clamp and Sailormoon), so I decided to make this page. However, I put some of my favorite Shonen titles too (SD, YYH, RK) as well. I don't have much time to scan more lately. More to come! Always come back to check!!!

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Freday's Clamp Pictures Gallery Another Clamp's pictures site, with some of my comments.

Check out my Clamp's pictures site: RG Veda, Tokyo Babylon, Rayearth, X, Combination and more....

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Contains pictures from Battle Angel Alita(GUNNM) and will soon have pictures from Ranma 1/2 and Bubblegum Crisis

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The best images from MASAMUNE SHIROW

The (VERY) best images from MASAMUNE SHIROW Here! This page RULEZ on high!

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The Ranma 1/2 Connection!!!

The Ranma 1/2 Connection, Connects You To Different Surrounding From Ranma 1/2. You Could Visit Akane's Room, Nabiki's Room, The Cat Cafe, Ucchan's Restaurant, Jusengkyo, The Floating Island Of Togengkyo, Nekkonron China, Dr. Tofu's Clinic, And Many More. Also Check Out My Ranma 1/2 Image Gallery, Song Transaltions, Movie Archieves, Etc...

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7720 Anime

A page of fun and mayhem; anime, comic, jet li, vball, and more!

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Realm of Dreams - Vampire Miyu Picture Archive High quality pictures of Miyu, Yui, and other Kakinouchi's works.

Generally specialized on arts of Kakinouchi. A bit of information and other stuff.

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The Masakazu Katsura Shrine

Scans and samples of Katsura manga

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The Funny Faces of Anime

Some pictures and information about Ranma, Please Save My Earth, Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yuugi, and more.

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Anime Central

mostly pics for now. hello and welcome

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Vic's Dragonball Images has lotsa pics


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Anime Edition =newest link NEWEST LINK PLEASE USE THIS ONE


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Robert's Dirty Pair Flash Gallary

it is a page with pictures from the series Dirty Pair Flash

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The Anime SuperCity Ever Changing Archive

The Archive of pictures will be changing periodically to accomodate the wealth of pictures that I have collected as soon as I get more space.

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Legendary Goku's image archive

A picture gallery with a small (but growing) amount of pictures on Dragon Ball Z and maybe other Anime.

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Lunatic Lee's Anime Sanctuary Anime , Manga and more ...

Protect the ideal , not the idol ...

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Kabuki-kid's fantastic universe

Many images of Anime series (Evangelion, Ranma1/2, Ah! My Goddess), a Chow Yun-Fat section and lots of links to Anime and video games.

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AniBere has a gallery of pics. of the anime series EL HAZARD. It also has some pics of my art project (anime style).

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Ariel's lair

Images gallery of sailor moon, dragon ball, Ronin Warrior and many other one.

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Gallery De Maczeebs

Anime Images made with Adobe Photoshop

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Ayako's anime Page

Contain some pictures of Sentimental graffiti and Tokimeki Memorial.

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Jinai's Page of Anime Stuff This is my page... it's an image archive on Many Anime's

Annotate me!

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AkToR`s ANiME ToWeR Page Contains ANiME, Music, and Framez....Make sure your browser can support it.

A phat page with nice galleries on the more popular ANiME series, Like Dragon BaLL Z, Ranma 1/2, and Bubblegum Crisis, also contains original artwork by me using Adobe PS.....

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My chunk of cyberspace includes an image gallery, 3D images, sounds, links, movie reviews and much more!!

Entry modified Sun Feb 22 03:29:44 1998 GMT

Sailor Gaia's Palace An Anime page with the works!

This page provides tons of pictures, a few sounds, and a some links to the elite pages of some of the most popular anime. It includes Sailor Moon, Slayers, Tenchi Muyo, Battle Skipper, Oh My Goddess, and Ranma 1/2 (more to come)

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Please Save My Earth Images

Anime vidcaps of the Saki Hiwatari's immortal series "Please Save My Earth"

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All Anime Picture......and much, much more, all here!!!!!!

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P-chan13's Ranma 1/2 It is awsome

It is basicly a image gallery

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The Anime Shrine!!! Featuring SaintSeiya and Fushigi Yuugi, with a huge image gallery on many mangas and animes

This is really a place worth visiting, it has reviews about all the characters in SaintSeiya and Fushigi Yuugi, each has many high quality images, also featuring a voting page, manga and series guides, a special off-line gallery and a great on-line gallery! Come in and have a look, you won't regret it!

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Aaron's Sailor Moon and Anime Extravaganza!

I've Got Lots Of Sailor Moon And Ah! My Goddess Pictures, Man!

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the anime underground

well it's mostly pics. Eva, Ranma, DNA, and tons of others

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~ Laura's Anime Land ~

Hi! This is Laura. My page contains a Nurse Angel Ririka manga scans gallery, a fanart gallery, and a miscellaneous anime gallery. I will be adding more soon, i promise! =

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Anime Junkees

A general anime page with jpeg's, avi's, mpeg's of Ranma 1/2, Evangelon, Tenchi Muyo!, Squaresoft, and other anime related subjects.

Entry modified Tue Mar 14 05:15:32 2000 GMT

Ryoko's manga page Slam dunk, Sakura, Ranma

Here you can find images, info and a lot more about your fav manga!

Entry modified Sun Jan 9 17:10:21 2000 GMT
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Emily's Awesome Sailor Moon Galleries!

My page has tons of awesome pics fun games to do and I am up-dating all of the time! I have pics of all of the scouts, starlights, even tux. mask! I will soon have a very large Midi page too!!!!

Entry modified Fri Mar 17 16:30:41 2000 GMT
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My page is rather small at the moment, but will get bigger. It contains pics of The Slayers and other anime to come.

Entry modified Thu Dec 30 06:24:16 1999 GMT
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Real Associate's Dragon Ball Z Headquarters

Over 20 DBZ sections all completed.. Over 250 images and growing.. One of the largest Dragon Ball series pages on the net.. Fanfiction, awards, power levels, attacks, bedoukais Huge comprehensive summaries

Entry modified Mon Apr 3 23:16:37 2000 GMT
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Hello Kitty pics, Hello Kitty desktop theme, Hello Kitty icons, etc etc ...

Entry modified Wed Jun 2 09:46:19 1999 GMT

Image Archive of Macross

Images of Macross and other generations of Macross!

Entry modified Sat Aug 24 09:03:32 1996 GMT

Image Archive of Macross

Images of Ranma and other characters in the ranma series!

Entry modified Sat Aug 24 09:04:43 1996 GMT

The Nene Romanova Picture Archive

A collection of Nene Romanova pics that I have been gathering. Check back weekly for new pics.

Entry modified Fri Oct 13 15:59:57 1995 GMT
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The Priss S. Asagiri Picture Archive

A nice collection of Priss pictures that is constantly being added to.

Entry modified Thu Feb 29 03:43:22 1996 GMT
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DNA HomePage! The Largest DNA Gallery

A page with an extensive collection of pictures relating to DNA . A well arranged page!

Entry modified Sat Apr 12 18:58:29 1997 GMT
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MangaArt Archive

Manga image galleries and summaries. Free manga calendars, wallpapers, and postcards!

Entry modified Fri Aug 28 17:14:31 1998 GMT


Guyver's Den

Welcome to my little corner of the world. The artwork contained within this site is a mix of fan art and my own projects. I do not claim to be a great artist, but I am learning. Besides artwork I like to build Gundam model kits. Stop by, take a look around, and sign the guest book.

Entry modified Thu Jan 21 01:37:43 1999 GMT
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The garden of anime series

You can find some info and brief summaries about some series here..There are also some picture galleries and music files... The Movie section will be added soon!!

Entry modified Sun May 31 12:06:08 1998 GMT
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The Splunge Galleries Contains many original scans and series reviews!

The Splunge Galleries contain many original anime scans and reviews. We rotate our images through occasionally, so be sure to check for new images in sections you may have already seen before. Some series will also have an original review, written by the (cough) highly qualified Splunge staff. We also have a few movies and sound files.

Entry modified Mon Apr 29 14:30:57 1996 GMT
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Anime Backgrounds / Wallpaper by Wilson Anime Backgrounds for Windows

This page displays anime-related backgrounds for Windows available for download.

Entry modified Sun May 11 02:46:55 1997 GMT

Close the world, Open the nExt anime e manga image gallery

image gallery dedicate a Lain, Evangelion, Dragon Ball, Ranma, Lum, Mikami, Giant, Video Girl ai, ecc.. con una chat

Entry modified Mon Mar 6 10:26:40 2000 GMT

The Vault Manga & Anime Picture in good quality

Free Manga & Anime Pictures in very good quality. Thumbnails for all pictures.

Entry modified Fri Dec 11 10:14:26 1998 GMT


-= A Smile Explosion! Yu Yu Hakush =-

Many pictures about the japanese animation Yu Yu Hakusho (in Portuguese)...

Entry modified Sun Sep 6 11:15:33 1998 GMT



Next Dimension

This site has lots & lots of anime pictures from; Sailor Moon, DBZ, Gundam Wing, Tenchi, and lots more.

Entry modified Sun Aug 13 01:17:33 2000 GMT
OK: Page modified 09 Apr 2001 01:05:16 GMT

anime 2000

tons of anime related arts and galleries....

Entry modified Thu Aug 17 09:47:31 2000 GMT
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The Cluttered Lounge

Image Galleries for YuYu Hakuso, Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Sohryuden and much, much more!

Entry modified Fri Aug 25 23:56:10 2000 GMT

Anime Manga Galleries Online

Large and good quality illustrations of manga and anime series: Dark Angel, Cowboy Bebop, Clover, X, Ujin etc... Few but good personal wallpapers are also available.

Entry modified Thu Aug 31 21:23:42 2000 GMT

Anime Wallpaper Bustop

Hundreds of links to the best anime wallpaper sited on the net. Serach by series or through general links

Entry modified Tue Oct 17 10:40:39 2000 GMT
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Sailormoon Gallery of Pictures

After a lot of hosting problems, the SGP is back up! Granted there are ads all over the place, but it's temporary. ;) An award-winning gallery!

Entry modified Sat Oct 28 20:24:10 2000 GMT

Jadah' Domain

Includes Tenchi Muyo!, Gundam, and Dragonball Z links,news,images,music, and wallpaper. Updated daily.

Entry modified Mon Nov 27 00:11:37 2000 GMT
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New Moon Images

A Gallery of freash card scans of your favorite Sailor Moon characters, including Villains, Starlights, cats, and minor characters.

Entry modified Mon Dec 18 18:20:15 2000 GMT
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Next Dimension

Lots of anime pics and moving gifs.SailorMoon,DBZ,Tenchi,Gundam,Armitage,Iria,RoninWarriors,etc.

Entry modified Thu Dec 21 00:43:42 2000 GMT
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Aizu (I"S) Girls Galleries and eCard.

Beautiful illustrations from I"s serie (Katsura Masakazu) are collected in 4 big galleries and now available to be sent as Postcards!

Entry modified Wed Jan 3 02:39:21 2001 GMT
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Anime Galleries and Greeting Card Service

View images from popular series such as I"S, Intron Depot [appleseed, Ghost in the Shell, etc.], Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ranma 1/2, Kimagure Orange Road and many more! Pick your favorite image and sent it out as a greeing card!

Entry modified Wed Jan 3 02:45:11 2001 GMT
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Anime Otaku Festival

Tons of images, sounds, and info, on the best series, including Card Captor, Sailor Moon, Evangelion, Dragonball, Pokemon, Slayers, Miyu, Rayearth, Tenchi, Mononoke Hime, Lain, Ranma, Fushigi Yuugi, and many more!

Entry modified Fri Jan 5 01:36:52 2001 GMT



Vyv's Personal Gallery

One gal's drawings of various things in anime style. Comments and Opinions appreciated.

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Gohan's Kingdom

it's about dragonball z

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Rox Animag Galleries, FanArt, and a Request Page!!!

Here you can see great art, big galleries, all your fav anime's and an awesome request page, where you can get any picture you want drwan for you!!!

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Anime and Manga Dreamscapes

A page dedicated to people who are new to anime and manga, or just those looking for specific links and tons of pictures. Pictures on tons of series, links for translation, wallpaper, and anime domain sites. And much more! :)

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Bunnie's Anime Web Page

This web page has the best Anime pictures you could have.

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Jack's Anime Corner

You can find some nice anime pictures here.

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anime refuge

anything anime

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Advanced Anime

Nothing except high quality anime girl images and wallpaper. No hentai or ecchi, just great pictures of anime girls. Also, have anime pics emailed to you!

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Gowca's CardCaptor Sakura Page

A CardCaptor Sakura page with you can find wallpapers, mp3, videos, themes, and more than 700 images!!! Visit it now!!!!!

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Fushigi Yuugi Crossover Gallery

my page contains an image gallery, ringtones and a lyrics page

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tons of cg , manga or anime wallpapers , download goodies , personal design CGs , fan art CGs and lots more!

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Kagerou - An Online Manga

An online manga about a fairy tale world gone nightmarish.

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Pike Anime Universe

My Homepage have a great Anime Animated Gif Gallery, many orginal Fanarts from me and other and a great Anime Gallery from Serial Experiments Lain

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Nik Studio

Nik Studio - A Collection of CG , Fanart and Misc Anime works of Nik Sutila , Come in and get lost in my galleries..

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Anime Image Search

MediaMiner is an anime image search engine, currently there are about 400,000 anime and manga images being indexed. The site also has information about many anime and manga.

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Manga originals - cels

worldclique.ch - original mangadrawings and cels directly from Tokyo. A must for every fan

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Aerith's Art Gallery

Ludi's Final Fantasy art tribute site!

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Te golden Shrine of Fushigi Yuugi the best fy site

a complete site with wallpapers, midis,mp3s, images, icons and more...

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Deiter's AnimeQuest a complete anime site

a complete site with wallpapers, midis,mp3s, images, icons and more...

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Our own made high quality anime desktop wallpapers featuring most popular series like Ah! My Goddess, Card Captor Sakura, Evangelion, Tenchi Muyo, and many more!

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Desktop Candy

An anime wallpaper site

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Anime Artwork Archive

Download anime art, wallpaper, artwork, fan art and video screenshots.

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Yun's Anime

A place were you can find all the images of ypur favorite anime. Sailor Moon, DragonBall, Gundam and many more!! come check it out!

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Princess Jupiter's SM Shrine

Awesome SM shrine with tons of quality pictures and great multimedias such as games, contests, quizzes, awards for you, webgraphics, polls, profile, site reviews, and so much more!

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Anime Heaven & Hell

Anime site featuring reviews of many anime series as well as galleries with official poster pics and my own artwork.

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LOTS OF ANIME PICS! Animes like Dragonball, Gundam, Outlaw Star, TriGun, Pokemon. Gaming reviews, Movie reviews and cheats. Music band info and lyrics.

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Aoshi Enihi&Saitou Shrine

This Is the worlds greatest Page of Samurai x

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A plethora of images from many animes and RPG games. FINE HOLIDAY ENTERTAINMENT!! Also a yaoi gallery. ^_^

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Kaye's Anime Page

My page is filled with pictures from anime: Fushigi Yuugi, Magic Knight Rayearth, Dragon Ball Z, Escaflowne and Yu Yu Hakusho. I even have poems that I've written.

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Sailormoon Gallery of Pictures

An award-winning gallery of nothing but Sailormoon images. Trading cards, screen captures, artbook scans.. it's all there!

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nia's anime for you

galleries of sailormoon,cardcaptors,dbz, and various others,games, chat. want more people to join my mailing list especially from oregon because i want to open an anime shop here..

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S.D. Mania

A collection of super deformed images from various anime's such as Kenshin, Evangelion, Rayearth, Sailor Moon, several video games, and others.

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Raen's Anime Chaos

Anime site with bios, galleries, fan fics, wallpapers, Tenchi Muyo section, Dead or Alive section (cooming soon) and more.

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Anime Capitol

600+ pics already online! Totally FREE web site maintained by me and new pics added often. Soon to be over 1,000 totally FREE PICS!! Still under construction, but definitely worth checking, if just for all the free images.

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Anime Capitol

1000+ high quality, totally free anime pics. No pop up banners, membership, or any other nonsense, just honest cool, free, pics. And lots of em!

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Anime Clipart Gallery

Here your can find plenty of clipart to spruce up your anime web sites.

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Bigfire Anime Archiving Anime since 1993

We've been archiving anime since 1993, both general and adult. Looking for Anime pitures? Bigfire Anime is your #1 Canadian Connection for ALL things Japanese Anime.

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Chibiwing.net is a small, newborn domain, dedicated to Gundm Wing, The Moleman and Major insanity. Visit the GW gallery, Trowa's page for fun or the Moleworld and its Moletest!! ^_^

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Anime Photos

an image gallery. polls links wallpapers and more!!

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Han's Website of Anime Galleries

In this website you will find Dragonball, Z, GT galleries, fanart, archives, images, cute anime babes, girls, or chicks and much more other anime pictures

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Kokoro No Ken

This page contains Love Hina, and other anime movies. I am currently hosting the Love Hina manga from 1-12. I update it 2 weeks at a time due to lack of web space. This page also contains original wallpapers on other anime like Gatekeepers, Boys Be, Rurouni Kenshin, etc.

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Miss Fawn's Manga Art

Manga art creations and reproductions of series such as: Outlaw Star, Saiyuki, Sailor Moon, Angel Santuary, D.N Angel, Trigun, and more.

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Galaxy Express 999 TV Gallery

Just some images from the Galaxy Express 999 TV series. There are also images taken from CD booklets.

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Halimeade's Manga Image Archive

Absolutely huge page with full galleries from Fushigi Yuugi, Ranma 1/2, Clover, X, Vampire Princess Miyu, Vampire Hunter D, Rayearth, Utena and more.

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The Duck Pond

Art galleries, manga, and tutorials by Dan C Malboeuf.

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Lost Shadows

Rurouni Kenshin, Neon genesis evangelion, Final Fantasy 6 - 10, and miscellaneous are all part of this web page. The largest being Rurouni Kenshin ;). For frames and no frames.

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I just start to build this page, but it will be the best page of all for anime fans. Go check it your, i'm sure u will enjoy the image and animated gif that provided. This site is very unique and very cool so check it out......

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Annies Anime Gallery

Here you will find pics from the Japanese Anime series Blue Seed, Card Captor Sakura, Celia, Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, Fushigi Yuugi, I's, Key the Metal Idol, Oh My Goddess, Record of Lodoss Wars, Ruin Explorers, Rurouni Kenshi, Sailor Moon, Sakura Wars, and Tenchi Muyo.

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Han's Website of Anime Galleries

In this website you will find Dragonball, Z, GT galleries, fanart, archives, images, cute anime babes, girls, or chicks and much more other anime pictures: anime babes galleries, dbz, dragonball z gt pics pictures chicks girls drawings art archive pictures......etc.

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this page has gifs and pictures.i got kenshin,ayashi no ceres,akazukin cha cha and ah my goddess and many others!!!

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Van -chan & iQuE-kun's Anime Omiyage

A site dedicated to DVD image galleries of both new and classic anime series. Updated frequently.

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Cynthia Center

Cynthia Center has a variety of image galleries, all of which are easy-loading and contain good-quality images. Featured animes include Ah! My Goddess, Fushigi Yuugi, Marmalade Boy, Sailor Moon, and Vampire Princess Miyu.

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Jules Uy's Anime Kingdom

an Anime Library of High Resolution Anime images. Anime Titles such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rurouni Kenshin, X 1999, Record of Lodoss Wars, Vision of Escaflowne and many more. enjoy ^_^.

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QC Mecha Studio

Anime style mecha works.

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Blueinle's Sailor Moon Gallery

My site is a collective of some of the best and most unique Sailormoon pictures around.

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This is my page dedicated to my drawings of anime and manga(some other stuff to) my page contains my original work, fan art, gift art, guest book, about me, some really great links, but my site is still under construction so there is lots more kewl stuff to come^_^ Ciao!

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Anime and manga site.wallpaper,pics,images,my own drawings,music.some really useful links to manga and anime drawing sites.Comics and other stuff.

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Ryanwsx All Anime Collection Dont messed me !!

Huge collection of anime,hentai,scans, comics. Updated every day. Thumbnail come soon

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A Picture Says a Thousand Words

This site is starting out as a gallery, but will soon expand to much more. Fushigi Yuugi, Magic Knight Rayearth, Outlaw Star, Card Captor Sakura, Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing, and Sailor Moon.

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[MAG] Manga Art Gallery

Original Manga Art made by me, very cute!

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