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June 18th-

        I am working on the new escaflowne layout. When my computer crashed I lost most of the plans and am still hard at work on it. So that really sucks. Be sure to vote in the poll for our next layout and tell me what it should be. If you have any pics of Escaflowne or anything you'd like to see on the layout then contact me! I need all the help I can get! :) I'd like more of you to post on the message boards, I really want your opinion. Some of you need to be more active but there's not a lot I can do about that.


May 31st-

        I haven't been able to update because the guilds are down. The next layout will be Escaflowne. If you like Escaflowne than e-mail me! I have an important issue that you might be able to help me out with. E-mail me at animefansunited@hotmail.com or just neomail me! Thanks.


May 20th-

        I am going to be putting up the new Final Fantasy X layout on the guild front page sometime this week. I still need one person to fill out their member profile form. Thanks to the rest of you for taking your time to fill them out. If you have any suggestions or comments remember to neomail me or e-mail me. I am going to be fixing the gallery link, I know it's not working. I'll send out the donation forms soon, I just can't seem to get around to that. Sorry about that. I'll update the events and donating page soon. Please bare with me.


May 13th-

        I just realized that I needed to start pasting on this page. lol. Anyway, I have a few reminders for everyone, I need you to fill out the member profiles (most of you have) and make sure you respond to the donation e-mail I am sending out. Please take your time to vote also. If you have any ideas for our next donating project, please let me know. Also, I am starting something new, Anime of the week. I'm going to be changing the appearance of the guild to HOPEFULLY make more room.


May 6th-

       The new website is finally up. Some of the pages are not completed because we do not have a full council yet. I would like to thank everyone for filling out the member profiles. The website will be updated weekly so make sure that you come back every week. If you have noticed, we have a new contest going on. Be sure to participate because the prize is worth it.



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